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it's that time of year again! this year I requested Fingerprints by Melinda Metz, My Mad Fat Diary (the TV show), Alif the Unseen by G Willow Wilson and Peaky Blinders. I am EXCITED. these fandoms are all very dear to me and I would be happy with pretty much any fic you wanted to write, just so you know. <3

Fingerprints Series - Melinda Metz

Rachel "Rae" Voigt
Yana Savari
Anthony Fascinelli

oh man, what I really want here is rae/anthony/yana complicated poly feelings, like, that is the DREAM, but I love this series to bits so I also want basically everything else. all the fic about their life after the last book! missing scenes/character studies/relationshippy things! rae/anthony is adorable and rae/yana gives me prickly intense feelings and I am so into anthony/yana and how similar they are (esp re how much they care about rae >.> <.<) if you wanted to go that route? obvs I would love to have sam in there too! he's so interesting and I wish we got more about him in canon, but I can't lie, I'm basically all about the ot3.

My Mad Fat Diary

Rae Earl
Finn Nelson
Chloe (My Mad Fat Diary)

another fandom with a rae! and another fandom where I want complicated poly feelings, with rae/chloe/finn. I HAVE A TYPE, OKAY, and that type is fab ladies with boyfriends who think they hung the stars and best friends who secretly pine for and are also jealous of them. but the same goes here, rae/finn and rae&or/chloe are also groovy, and I love ensemble fic so feel free to include the rest of the gang. prompts wise, random 90s shenanigans? it'd be particularly cool if you could work in the fact that actual real life rae earl went on to work in radio, because I feel like this rae would be ACE at that too and also radio show AUs are one of my favourite things that I never see enough of.

Alif the Unseen - G. Willow Wilson

Dina (Alif the Unseen)
Alif (Alif the Unseen)

oh maaaaaaaaan, all the religion and language feelings here. just. I'd really like something world-building-y, but if world-buuilding's not your thing I am always, always here for character/relationship stuff. dina is my favourite and clearly the true protagonist of the book you cannot tell me otherwise, but I also find alif so endearing and I enjoy how much he grows over the course of the story so much. I'd love to see anything about dina, her life before the book starts, what it's like for her in the world of the jinn with the convert and her perspective on the events of the story in general, actually. I love her so much and I want her to have so many adventures and also tell me her feelings about EVERYTHING. and alif. they're so cute and I'd love to see more of the two of them together.

Peaky Blinders (TV)

Ada Shelby
Freddie Thorne

let's just pretend series two isn't happening, yeah? I want to know everything about them, their childhood, their future, how they got together, how ada feels about being a shelby, how freddie feels about marrying a shelby, just. curtainfic. curtainfic is what I want. I am not even slightly ashamed (but as with all my requests, feel free to disregard if there's something else you'd rather do <3). I love polly and arthur and grace a lot, so I'd be delighted if they showed up as well.

general likes/dislikes

I have many and varied interests, see my tumblr for further perusal, but some things I really like are:

platonic bed-sharing
supernatural themes
religious themes
team becomes family, place becomes home
pulling/playing with hair
forehead-touching (and other physical intimacy)

some things I really don't like are:

power imbalances

some things I'm okay with:

graphic violence
unhappy endings

I would appreciate being warned for:

character death
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