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a poorly constructed banner with Kili and Tauriel looking suitably badass, with the words Kili/Tauriel fest across the top
(yeah, it's terrible, I made it with a collage app in about five minutes. if anyone would like to make a banner, I would be very very grateful <3)

I have never run a fest thing before in my life but I have fallen hard for Kili/Tauriel and there just is not enough of it in the world to make me happy, so FEST. This'll go on for as long as there's interest, and there aren't really any rules, except for the obvious: fanworks must focus on a relationship between Kili and Tauriel. They could be platonic bffs, fuck buddies, rivals, romantic partners, whatever you like. Also welcome: poly! Though please keep the focus on Kili and Tauriel as much as possible.

But yeah, you can leave prompts, you can fill prompts, you can make stuff that isn't inspired by a prompt and leave it in a comment, whatever you like. Literally all kinds of fanworks are welcome: fic, podfic, art, vids, (oral) notfic, recs, meta, crafty things, whatever. More Kili/Tauriel in the world can only be a good thing! Just, please warn for stuff that's usually warned for (non-con, major character death, underage, graphic violence, anything else you feel is necessary).

Kili and Tauriel are both cupids…that fall in love with each other.
The dwarves and elves are rival sports teams. Shenanigans ensue."
Buddy cop AU.
A View to a ...Kili? James Bond AU. Maybe Tauriel is Q? Or perhaps they are both double Os?
Shahs of Sunset AU.
Meet cute on the train.
Fashion house AU.
His Dark Materials AU.
Coffee shop AU.
Skating AU with a variation.


Prompt: Cupids

8/1/14 05:55 (UTC)
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Kili and Tauriel are both cupids…that fall in love with each other.
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