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yeah, yeah, it's been a rough month and feeling things is hard. time is made up anyway.

so [personal profile] summerstorm asked about fandoms i'm currently in, which is good timing because i've been getting into a bunch of stuff just now, as well as holding onto the stuff i was into before.

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giving this a go - pick a day of the month and ask me to talk about a thing. i'm only doing odd days because having sensible expectations of myself is good actually!! i've also picked a few days for myself because any excuse to go on about shit i care about, right?

right. )

cool things that are happening now or soon:

[community profile] remixapod where podficcers submit their podfics for a writer to remix into a fic, which i'm super excited to participate in on both sides.

out of the auditary a fest for podfics of non-traditional fic formats, e.g. meta, poetry, declarations from city councils about sports mascots, notfic/chatfic, etc. i want to make ALL THE THINGS for this. i have already recorded a fake webseries episode fic of mine, and there's some meta i want to dig up, and i definitely wanna do some poetry, and and and i'm SO jazzed for this.

a fest for friendship!!!! i LOVE stories about relationships and always want more about Good Friends Being Good Friends, so hopefully i'll get round to filling some prompts and i'm definitely gonna leave a bunch.

[ profile] hpwlwbigbang where rule 63 is not allowed which :/ but it's not a Rule 63 Doesn't Count As Femmeslash stance, just seems like they want to focus on oft-overlooked women characters of HP fandom. i've been turning over a ginny-centric idea that it'd be nice to have a deadline for so i actually write it, but it was kinda harry/ginny-leaning so we'll see if i can rework that i guess. who else do i ship ginny with?????
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the best month is upon us. i'm going on holiday for ten days on wednesday so idk how much i'll be able to Produce but i recorded a podfic i'm gonna try and finish editing before then we'll see how it goes.

it's not strictly femmeslash but the awesome ladies podfic anthology is running again. i absolutely will not have time to make anything but i hope lots of people do!

[personal profile] clockwork_hart1 is hosting a femmeslash ficathon here which i've already left a bunch of prompts for. maybe i'll even get round to writing some!

i would like to post some f/f fic this month. i posted a [community profile] femslashficlets fill like a week ago and i have solid ideas for three other prompts from that table rn, one of which is girl!gansey/girl!ronan because i had raven cycle feelings out of nowhere the other day welp.

i made a twitter thread of femmeslashable webseries recs and reminded myself of a bunch of old feelings, so probably i'll try and write fic for them for [community profile] 100fandoms.

i'll be 25 on the 16th and i am determinedly not freaking out about it. ageing is fine. continuing to exist is fine. it's all basically fine.


Jan. 22nd, 2019 04:25 am
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[community profile] 100fandoms - 100 different stories for 100 different fandoms. i can do this, probably? i can definitely think of at least 100 different things i could write for, it's just. doing the writing.

001.universe 002.edge 003.cleave 004.distance 005.away
006.home 007.key 009.dust 010.shadows
011.old 013.borrowed 015.promise
016.dishonour 017.wreck 018.fix 019.crack
021.fiddle 023.water 024.waves 025.salt
026.balm 027.fear 028.wear 029.mask 030.truth
031.courage 032.hope 033.raised 034.fall 035.spring
036.birth 037.morning 038.welcome 039.belong 040.share
041.count 042.mean 043.teasing 044.fantasy 047.bed 048.turn 049.swing
051.cull 052.quell 053.arrested 054.inside 055.chance
056.alive 057.sleeping 058.late 059.rain 060.bottle
061.steal 062.brilliant 063.theory 064.practice 065.war
066.storm 068.swim 069.wallow 070.settle
071.ground 073.silence 074.screech 075.snap
076.scratch 077.bug 079.faded 080.ghost
081.history 082.time 083.mirror 084.drawing 085.trailed
086.way 089.heart 090.perfection
091.right 092.sanction 093.can 094.collection 095.crowd
096.oversight 097.graduate 098.laughing 099.unless

if you have any ideas/prompts i'd love to hear 'em!
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content notes: some mild but potentially triggering talk for disordered eating


i have a whole bunch of these! it was just new year's, and i always get really into new year's resolutions because i love navel-gazing. most of these are more long-term, though? more places i want to direct my life towards than destinations i want to reach, i guess.

my biggest most important overarching goal is something i have called No Perfect, because tldr a bunch of personal shit perfectionism is my fatal flaw. accepting this about myself has already like, helped a whole bunch. realising how much of what i do and think is wrapped up in this?? mind-blowing, lemme tell you. therapy is wild.

so that's the big-un! i have many more; i'm not kidding about the navel-gazing yo )
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so the creative things i do are writing, podficcing and making podfic covers, but my processes for the last two are pretty standard?

for podfic, i pick a story, i record the story, i edit the story, i post the story. if i'm gonna incorporate music or sound effects, i usually realise during editing, and i lump all that in the editing process.

when it comes to cover art, i only make a cover if i have a solid concept for one. from there it's gather the pictures, arrange them in some way, mess with the contrast/colouring/etc, then fight with the text so it looks like something i won't hate. i have a massive library of fonts that i've collected over the years, so this last step has been a lot easier recently.

writing, though. hoo boy. it's a whole ass mess )
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here i am doing another [community profile] snowflake_challenge post, and it's for self-promotion. I Hunger For Validation Okay

when you lay me down you'll bury only bones [podfic] (welcome to night vale, canon-compliant, carlos/cecil)

i think this is my favourite podfic i've ever made, ever? it's a beautiful soft heartfelt story about love and friendship and identity and like, night vale weirdness, and reading it aloud was just an absolute joy. it just kind of flowed out of me, easy as anything, which is such a Good podfic feeling, when it goes like that. and i'm just really happy with the end product.

Starstruck (another word I never learnt to pronounce) (merlin, stardust au, elena/morgan + a shit ton of others)

this isn't, like. it's nearly six years old now, and last time i reread it i cringed, but it still made me feel a lot. it started because i wanted to write a fix-it fic for morgana, but it kind of ballooned into approximately every feeling or grievance i ever had regarding this cursed show. so it's maybe not good, but it's very very important to me. maybe it could be to you too.

coax the cold right out of me (the 100, college/coffee shop au, monty/miller, bellamy&miller, minor bellamy/raven)

in my notes i described this as a self-indulgent mess and wow is that true. i wrote this in the middle of a depression/anxiety spiral in my final year at uni, and i poured an embarrassing amount of that into this fic. but also it's about friendship and soft romo nonsense and taking care of each other and having a bunch of feelings, aka The Leish Brand TM. i've got a bunch of really lovely comments on this, so it seems it's not just relevant to my specific interests! maybe.

i'm gonna do the not-self recs one next! i have too many things i want to rec, so i'm gonna figure out a sensible way to structure it. maybe a theme? idk we'll see.
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i don't know how common moodboards are outside of tumblr - those mini-picspam aesthetic posts on a particular concept - but i think they're pretty cool, and i've never made one myself, so i decided to make one for [personal profile] girlmarauders's a++++ soul plant au.

et voila )
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i've been enjoying seeing people's [community profile] snowflake_challenge posts and i actually have stuff i wanna post for this day!

friends at the table is an actual play table top rpg podcast about critical worldbuilding, smart characterisation and fun interaction between good friends AND IT'S GREAT. i wrote a manifesto, pls read it and listen to the podcast (or check out their episode transcripts, which are currently incomplete but the work is ongoing).

here is a snippet where they talk about a main character from their COUNTER/weight arc, ibex, whom i love.

some feelings )

transcript )

i love austin walker with my whole entire heart. speaking of, here is a soundboard somebody made with thirty Things He Has Said, including, in tones of delight, "who's that big man?" and his classic heartfelt "aw, buddy". even if you have no idea who this man is, it will delight you.
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i wrote way more than i expected to this year, but not as much i wanted!! alas. 19 fics isn't so bad for me.

my favourite: bring me to life (the adventure zone)

this was so fucking hard for me to write, because Writing Is Hard, and i'm not 100% satisfied with how it turned out, but i'm still really proud of it. it's a pretty nonsense premise (hot fuzz if hot fuzz had necromancers) and i'm not sure i got the tone right, but i wrote a bunch of jokes that made me laugh, SO. also it was one of my [community profile] pod_together projects, and [ profile] pumpkinpodfic made a fucking amazing podfic out of it. seriously!! if you are at all interested in this story do yourself a favour and listen to it instead of reading it.

most kudos: reflect more than light (friends at the table)

i have no idea how this ended up being so popular?? it's a college/figure drawing au for a relatively small fandom, and there isn't even any sex! there's barely any making out! i am really fond of the concept though, so i'm glad it resonated with other people i guess.

chaaaaarts )

goals? dare i have any? )
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i made 54 podfics last year! that's so much more than i managed in 2017, and i'm really proud of what i was able to create.

some thoughts )

have some charts! love some charts! )

goals for this year?? )
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prompt table from [community profile] femslashficlets

1. Little rough around the edges, but I keep it smooth
2. Pink like the halls of your heart
3. Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better
4. Crown on my head but the world on my shoulder
5. She'll have you falling harder than a Sunday in September
6. Heaven is betting on us
7. But I need to know if the world says it's time to go
8. Am I a sinner with my skirt on the ground?
9. You better know what you're fighting for
10. Tell me are you bold enough to reach for love?
11. We'll make a million memories - all incredible
12. So dress me up I'll like it better if we both pretend
13. Come, let me kiss you right there wake you up like sunrise
14. Dance in the trees paint mysteries
15. These eyes long to make you a perfect work of art
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Here are my top 3 fandoms:
  • Buzzfeed Unsolved (Supernatural only)
  • Men's Hockey RPF (Avs/Leafs/Caps)
  • Friends at the Table (an actual play TTRPG podcast)
In the comments below, list up to 3 canons you think I would enjoy, and I'll let you know which of the following categories it falls into:
  • Already love it
  • Been meaning to check it out
  • Never heard of it! Tell me more!
Meme provided by [community profile] journalmemes.

i am still working on mini mixes from my previous journal meme but this would be a fun distraction! i'd also love to rec fandoms to people if you wanna repost this or leave a comment here!
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[personal profile] sylvaine is running a rec fest for narrative femmeslash works where canon knowledge isn't necessary. i left a whole ton of recs just now and i would love more things to consume!

A vintage photo of two women dressed up and looking at each other lovingly, one in a dress and one in a suit and hat and holding a cigar. Text says 'don't have to know canon f/f rec fest'.
Femslash "don't have to know canon" rec fest!
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i'm going all fucking out with these bingo cards. i wanna create stuff!! this is for [community profile] hc_bingo

nausea backrubs / massages allergic reaction substance addiction undeserved reputation
forced body modification coma forced marriage healers washing / bathing someone
isolation dystopia WILD CARD therapy restrained
falling witch hunt attacked by a creature needles / piercings sacrifice
loss of voice / forced silence extortion broken bones mutation group support
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[community profile] genprompt_bingo!

Thank God it's Friday... Again: Time Loops Contemporary AU Librarian / Archivist Crime Lord Vampires
Aliens Documentation Explorer Androids and robots Trickster
Use of Symbolism Worst case scenario Wild Card A Mystery to Investigate Spiders (Giant, Radioactive, or otherwise unusual)
Happy Endings Missing Persons Freestyle crossover One of the Dispossessed The Cost of Magic
Coffee Shop AU Quarantine Hey, you're... me: meeting alternate universe counterparts Mutation / Transformation Things that go Bump in the Night
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trying a thing: leave a comment with a song you like and i'll make you a mini mix (~six songs).
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this is Prompt Table #3 -30 Prompts from [community profile] 100prompts! if you have a prompt/suggestion for any of these i'd love to hear it [eyes emoji]

001.Split 002.Absent 003.Forgo 004.Willing 005.Hurt
006.Silver 007.Future 008.Bad 009.Turn Around 010.Midnight
011.Moon 012.Stolen 013.Candy 014.Hunger 015.Thirsty
016.Go 017.Stay 018.Haunted 019.Hunted 020.Large
021.Friendship 022.Honor 023.Duty 024.Judge 025.Jury
026.Meager 027.Plenty 028.Trust 029.Lies 030.Writer's Choice
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[personal profile] girlmarauders is running a multifandom magical realism fest, and there's some great content already.

[ profile] ravenbells is running a prompt fest for characters of colour from the 100, and i have already left an embarrassing number of prompts. i still care so much about the characters from this show i care about! i want all the content for them!

ps i have decided to Actually Use dw and not just dump letters and bingo cards here, so we'll see how that goes!!