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it's yuletide! i'm really into all of the fandoms i requested, so i am just so excited to read whatever you write for me. but here are some pointer things if you'd like some pointer things! pointer things can be useful.

Killjoys (TV): Dutch, Johnny, Pawter, Alvis
i did not expect to love this show so much but it got me hard with johnny&dutch and team feelings and then the WORLDBUILDING and all the background characters (pree! fancy lee! delle seyah! if i had more space i would've requested them too, alas). i'm always up for AUs but i feel like this is one fandom i'd really appreciate canon fic for, it's such a brilliantly crafted universe and i want to know everything about it. particular backstories! i'm interested in all four of the characters i requested, together or apart, though ugh thinking about them being a team taking down space capitalism, especially post-series, is making me feel some things. ALTHOUGH, because i am me and what this show does with religion gets me on so many levels, i would love love love a story exploring that aspect. for any/all of them - alvis is pain space jesus and that's really cool and i want all the stories about that, but also the scenes with johnny not-a-true-believer jaqobis killed me, and i'd just be really interested in seeing more of the characters' spirituality/lack thereof.

one note: i don't really care about romo dutch/d'avin, which is a lot why i didn't request him, but i'll live if it's not the point of the story. i really love the team dynamic, though, and i die anew every time i think about how much johnny and dutch care about each other (IF YOU WANNA RUN I CALL SHOTGUN) so that. i would not at all be opposed to romo dutch/johnny! always a slut for best friends to lovers, etc, but dutch&johnny in any kind of relationship is everything i want. other things that could be cool, ship wise: johnny/pawter, dutch/alvis, pawter/alvis, dutch/johnny/alvis, dutch/johnny/pawter, dutch/johnny/pawter/alvis????? i'm up for anything, honestly, the only notp i really have is dutch/khylen.

Mr Robot: Angela, Darlene, Trenton, Shayla
FEMMESLASH, BASICALLY. femmeslash is what i want. i mean elliot means a lot to me and as a CS student i really enjoy all the tech stuff, but i am pretty much here for the ladies on this one. i'd be cool with basically any permutation, shippy or friendshippy, but i'm pretty fond of trenton/darlene and angela/shayla and angela/darlene. angela/darlene/trenton V centred on darlene???? OT4, DARE I DREAM??????

so yeah, pretty much anything with these characters will make me swoon, but i guess some prompts ideas: tell me all the stories about trenton! secret favourite character alert, hi. what's her relationship with her parents like? what does she do outside of fsociety? how did she get into hacking? general backstory stuff! i love general backstory stuff. did angela and shayla hang out more often than that one beautiful amazing horrendous time they kissed? how did their relationship progress after shayla totally didn't die? (side note: if you already wanted to write elliot, i would not be at all opposed to angela/shayla/elliot.) were angela and darlene as close as angela and elliot growing up? what do they do besides caring about elliot's wellbeing together?

Call Me Katie (Webseries): Bianca, Katie, George Bates, George Gleeson
THE WEBSERIES OF MY HEART, OH GOD. i love pretty much everyone on the show, but these four are my favourite, and anything about them will make me THE HAPPIEST. george squared for life, obviously, but also all of their friendships make me so happy. bianca and katie's tense brittle loving sisterhood means a lot to me, and i'd love to see more about their relationship, either post, pre or during the series. (also, bianca is bi, you can fight me on this but why would you. (KIDDING if you view her otherwise that is obviously valid and i'd love to see any story exploring her sexuality, but also bi bianca.))

i love how the episodes are constructed, and how the plot steadily progresses, but so much (of course, it's a webseries) happens offscreen, and i'd love to see all the ~missing scenes in fic form, if you wanted to do something like that. one thing i'm really sad we didn't get to see was bates and gleeson's fight about labels because it's a thing that's really close to my heart and i maybe overidentify with bates just the tiniest bit. that aside, one really cool post i saw somewhere on tumblr (i will try and find it for attribution when i get time!) was like, what if katie fake-dated bates instead of peter? and i've just been thinking about that a lot. but that's a really specific prompt you should absolutely feel no pressure to write, of course!

Nothing Much to Do: Beatrice, Peter, Balthazar
i'm still so fond of this webseries! i've been wavering between enjoying and not enjoying lovely little losers, but i still love all the characters so i'm pretty much stuck here. BUT ANYWAY. beatrice and peter are my absolute favourites, i love their friendship so much, and i always want much ado adaptations to do more with it (the bad as well as the good). if you want to include lll stuff, that's cool, but equally no pressure if you've not been watching it or want to pretend it doesn't exist. i just really want fic about beatrice&peter! beatrice/peter is also good, but fundamentally i am interested in their dynamic and how it shifts with her knowing he's into her, and his ensuing bitterness, and his betrayal re: hero, and the subsequent repairing of their relationship. also: peter's coming out story, i want it and fear it in equal measures. see, again, overidentifying with canon multisexuals (particularly with recent lll events, wow).

also also i am really fond of balthazar, and i will ship peter/balth til the cows come home, so if that's where you want to go i'd be cool with that! balthazar and peter's friendship is also really important to me, though, and balthazar utterly failing at having a crush on his best friend and only being able to communicate his emotions either passive-aggressively or through the medium of song and peter caring about balth so much and failing to notice his ginormous crush is HORRIBLE and everything i secretly want.

note: not opposed to beatrice/benedick, i ship it in theory, but benedick/character growth is an important stepping stone for it for me, and i'd much rather he exist far in the background if he's necessary at all.

some things i really like: sappy romcom nonsense, really close platonic friendships, every flavour of modern/futuristic AU (preferably preserving canon character dynamics), feels about being queer, fake dating, soulbonding, pining, ensemble/group dynamics, casual touching, platonic bed-sharing, found families, complicated polyamory, settings that feel like characters, religious/spiritual elements, people taking care of each other.

some things i really don't like: infidelity, power imbalances, kidfic/pregnancy.

some things i'm okay with: incest, graphic violence, unhappy endings.

i'd appreciate being warned for: character death, self-harm, coming out stories involving parents (but really, i love coming out stories, so don't be put off if that's something you want to do).
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it's that time of year again! this year I requested Fingerprints by Melinda Metz, My Mad Fat Diary (the TV show), Alif the Unseen by G Willow Wilson and Peaky Blinders. I am EXCITED. these fandoms are all very dear to me and I would be happy with pretty much any fic you wanted to write, just so you know. <3

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